Furbo Art Exhibition

I have safely returned to my sister’s house from day two of the RDS Horse Show. It was another marathon day, busier than yesterday. Today was ladies day and the style was great.

I forgot to mention in my last blog that there is an exhibition in Furbo, Co Galway this coming Saturday the 23 rd running a fortnight until 6th of August. Seventeen artists will be partaking in it and it promises to be a great event. TD Hildegarde Naughton opens the preview night on Friday.

Among the artists will be painters, wood sculptors, a metal sculptor, artists who work with glass, textiles and even an artist who works with peat!

I have two paintings in the exhibition, a peregrine falcon perched on a cliff and a seascape.

The venue is the Baptist meeting place about five miles west of Galway city and will be open from 10 am to 6 pm each day bar Sundays.IMG_6735 IMG_6740

Dublin Horse Show 2016

I have just sat down after a hectic day one at the Dublin Horse show.  A  much needed  dinner and shower at my sisters place was much appreciated after a thirteen hour day at the stand. It was nice to catch up with some friends and regular customers today and the interest in my work greatly encouraged me.

I have uploaded some images of some recent pieces I have completed. There is a good mixture of subjects with the majority being in a looser style than I normally paint. It is exciting to paint in this manner as the highly representational style can  get tedious.

When I get back to base camp after the show I shall tidy up the images on the blog and include a few more.

I will be at the Horse Show until it finishes on Sunday. Drop by if you are around.