British Midland Gamefair

Summer has slipped by and autumn is being heralded in by a heaving crop of apples on our apple tree and the mountain ash branches bending under their weight of berries. Here in Connemara the bog will  shortly be changing colour from the its drab summer coat into  golden ochres and siennas.These seasonal transitions inspire me to paint in a more intense manner as they  quickly fade.

I was exhibiting my work last weekend at the Birr gamefair and we were blessed with good weather. It was great to see  familiar faces and meet some  new ones.I will be shortly heading across the water to the Midland gamefair which will be held on the 14th and 15th of this month in Weston Park.I am looking forward to this fair as it has a great buzz due to the shooting season being underway and the autumnal weather improving the fishing conditions.

I have included a few images of some paintings I have recently finished.IMG_7885 IMG_7895 IMG_7898 IMG_7915 IMG_7916

1 thought on “British Midland Gamefair

  1. Good to catch up with your news, Padraig! Glad to see you’ve been busy – I like the pheasant especially. Good luck at Weston Park – pretty close to my old homeland down there!

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