New Works

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted. I have been doing gardening and building work lately and have been away from my easel. I had a good week at the easel last week though and completed a number of paintings.

I did my first days  fishing of the season  on Lough Corrib a while back. It was an extremely enjoyable day out even if the fishing was tough. The trout were feeding on a midge called duckfly.  The day was cold and breezy so fishing was limited to the sheltered bays. I returned home with a few painting ideas in my head so managed to finish them last week. I think they look great in their frames.

A bullfinch pair has been hammering my apple tree lately and I have been blessed with great close up views of these beautiful looking birds. I have painted some studies of them and also some studies of blue tits. They are nesting in a hole in the gable end of my stone shed.

I am working on a snipe at the moment but am undecided on what setting to place it!

I will post again shortly.

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