La creme de la Caenis

As anyone knows who follows this blog site I have a great interest in fly fishing. Now I fly fish for many species of fish but trout fishing is definitely my favourite quarry. Pursuing them with a dry fly is in my opinion the most exciting form of this type of fishing and fishing the caenis hatch is definitely la creme de la creme. What on earth is this a caenis hatch you may ask. Well the caenis is a tiny little insect of the ephemeroptera order with about an eight mm wingspan. To a fly fisherman they are regarded either like manna from heaven or a curse, depending on ones knowledge on how to  approach fishing this wonderful hatch. Indeed they are often dubbed “anglers curse” by many who are frustrated by the difficulties presented when fishing this hatch.

I LOVE CAENIS FISHING! It must be the most exhilarating hatch to fish as it comes off the water at first light and providing the breeze remains gentle offers dry fly fishing to ravenously feeding trout until late morning. It can, on those rare opportunities in the west of Ireland when the wind does not blow even offer fishing until late afternoon! To be on the water at first light at this time of year is a magical  at the best of times but throw in pods of eagerly feeding trout sucking and gulping their way through rafts of caenis, it is enough to make the heart of any fly  fisherman flutter with excitement.

You see, the caenis hatch in their millions at first light and quickly shed their skins, like a snake and morph into spinners which is the egg laying stage. They then alight onto the water ,lay their eggs and die. Caenis live short lives. The trout can hardly contain their excitement as the fall increases and the feeding frenzy is a sight to behold. The trout hold station often at an island point and just wait for the little flies to come to them. The slurping and sipping sounds that a pod of fifty gorging trout make is like music to a fly fisherman’s ears.

I have spent a few mornings this week chasing these fish with a mate of mine. We choose mornings with little wind and we had fantastic sport . The worst part is the early rise and shine times from bed. We were on the water at five in the morning. The light is beautiful at this time of the day and all of Gods creations are busy grabbing their first mouthfuls of food.

I hope to get a few more mornings fishing under my belt before the hatch comes to an end.I hope the photos give a feel of the  early mornings on the lake.



1 thought on “La creme de la Caenis

  1. I am dreaming admiring your photos, hopefully next week, where is the video?
    we will be in contact,
    kind regards

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